Sunday, June 20, 2010

A wish come true...

If given a wish what would you wish for?
would it be eternal happiness?
Personally, i think eternal happiness would be boring,
we need to be unhappy to appreciate being happy.
Would you want success in love and in work?
I don't know how great that would be either,
one has to experience failure to push harder for success.

If I were given a wish what would I wish for?
I would think about seaside sunsets every night with long walks on the beach
and a venture in the waves.
I would wish for pouring rain and a warm fire.
Rustic furniture in white wash finishing.
Hot chocolate with the small marshmallows.
Slow dances underneath the stars.
getting stuck on the top of the ferris wheel.

My very own vespa.


My very own swing.
Endless days with A in our pajama's watching any and every movie and series.

Chuck and Blair to live happily ever after.
I would want all those that hurt me to wish they never had.
I want to relive the moment at the Trevi Fountain with Harsha.
I would want to have many more chats with Jess on the couch.
A million nights out with Paige.

My biggest wish would be to spend the rest of my life with one person.
Only one.
It doesn't have to be easy, we can fight all the time, we can drive each other crazy, we can loathe one another most of the time. What is important is that although we may loathe one another most of the time, we love each other all the time.
Don't stick with the people that suck up to you, stick with the people that drive you insane yet you are still crazy in love with them.
All i know is that if i have one person next to me to share my M&M's with,
someone that will hold my hand on top of the ferris wheel,
someone to swing with me in the sunlight,
someone to sit next to and marvel at the glory of the sun setting,
someone that would always walk with me on the beach while our toes freeze in the water, someone to wrap their arms around me next to the fire while we listen to rain hitting the windows,
someone who appreciates a good hot chocolate,
someone who will randomly insist on a dance underneath the stars.
If i have that someone that will share in all those moments then all my wishes would have come true...

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