Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Dreaming of dresses...*

So it has come to that time, 3 months exactly until the day that most girls have thought about and planned in detail for a long time. The dance that everyone expects to be perfect. We all want the perfect shoes, dress, make-up and partner. I havnt even decided what I want my dress to look like let alone what colour I think it should be. My date and shoes is another story. Here are the dresses I like and the designs I am considering...

I like this Badgley and Mischka, would definitely have it in a lighter colour though.
These are also Badgley and Mischka, i love them all, but really love the second dress in the grey.
By far my favorite dress on Gossip Girl. Would love to have this dress as my dance dress colour and all.
One of my all time favorite dresses in any movie. I wouldn't have it for myself, but its just so beautiful that i had to put it on as one of my options.
I love Mary-Kate in this blue dress. I would have this exact dress in a heartbeat if i knew a dress maker could make it exactly the same.
I like this dress although it isn't what i usually go for. i find it flattering as well as unique. Would change the colour for myself though.
This was love at first sight for me. I am seriously considering having a dress like this made, i would have a shorter slit in the skirt. My only worry is that it is the material and colour that make this dress amazing and not being able to find exactly the same colour and material might take away from its original awesomeness.
These are also Badgley and Mischka dresses, i am leaning more towards the dress on the left in a single tone. i love this silhouette is produces as well as the chiffon.
Yet another Badgley and Mischka. I love that this dress has two skirts in chiffon which add to the movement of the dress, but not the volume. I really love this style.
I think this dress is absolutely beautiful and perfect and i would want it exactly like that, the only problem is that i doubt the dress makers ability to produce exactly that. It's still high on my list of potentials, however.
Frida Pinto in this beautiful Marchesa. I love everything about it.
I want this dress, I'm only a little apprehensive because i don't want it to make my hips look too big.
I love this Marchesa on Mischa Barton. Not too crazy about the flower but i can always remove it in my redesign.
An old timeless classic. Princess Grace appears in To Catch A Thief. One of my all time favorites.

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