Friday, September 3, 2010

While i should be studying...

I am just about to enter the worst week of my life and it would probably make everything better if I started studying already, but I gotta give myself a break sometimes, I have only just finished writing an exam.It has come to my attention that every time exams arrive all I can think about is pretty much everything except exams. I think about everything I want to and will be able to do when exams are finally over and although it makes exams seem more gloomy and terrible it does make the finishing of exams that much more exciting.

So, these are just a couple of the thoughts that have been consuming my brain since the beginning of exams.
And Andrea, don't worry, I have been doing plenty of studying and all my exams have gone well thus far and I promise to dedicate the rest of my weekend to being a mole and studying 24/7.

People just don't visit the forest anymore. When exams are done I am going to the forest in a pretty dress to smell the fresh air and walk on the pine needles. It has been way too long since I last did that.
I want to go to a place that is bustling with great people and good loud music and then I want to dance. Ill even bring out my best alphabet moves. I miss going out. I have been counting down the days till I can go out again.
I have come to realize that people do not go on picnics anymore. Picnics are a wonderful creation and a perfect pass time especially when one isn't writing exams. So as soon as exams are done I am going to organize a picnic. It just needs to be done. Although this seems to resemble camping I want to go on a picnic just like this.
I really want to go on an island vacation. Somewhere sunny and warm with blue sea that isn't infested with sharks so I can put on my flippers and snorkel. Somewhere that looks like this:
Although this is not something that I can do as soon as exams are over it is something that has caught my attention while I should have been studying. I have always found homes to be particularly intriguing. I love looking at all different types of houses wondering how I could incorporate all the things I love about each house in the house that I want to live in one day. These are a few that caught my attention:
I cant say that I want my house to be brightly coloured as such I just think it's cute and had to put the photo up.
This loft apartment looks like a dream. It's cosy with a touch of beach style. I love the layout and the size. Not too big and not too small. if I were living by myself or with a friend this place would definitely be my ultimate.
On the topic of houses Andrea and I decided that as soon as we can afford it we are going to buy this very cute, white, thatched house right on the beach in kommetjie. The perfect place for us. In our house we are going to have a chandelier, a glass fridge (that is a fridge for glasses), a towel oven, DSTV, the most amazing bed couches that i found at this shop in tokai, a balcony, white washed furniture, vogue magazines everywhere. All we have to do is win the lottery. Shouldn't be too difficult.
Although we have already found our perfect beach house these are others I found that caught my attention.
With the matric dance less that a month away I have had to do a lot of thinking about what I really want. I am still more unorganized than any other girl in my class, however, I have my partner. The dress has been causing problems. the material is brought and beautiful but the dress maker has yet to be found. Just the other day while I should have been studying I stumbled across this dress and it was captivating. I am strongly considering this dress as my design although my hair I must admit will be differently styled.
I have been longing to get on a surfboard for a while now. Although surfing is not my gift in life it still doesn't take away the fact that it is so much fun and the feeling of standing on a board that is moving because of a beautiful wave makes it all the more exhilarating.
I have been dreaming of the possibility of winter in New York with Andrea. The potential of going on an adventure to pretty much one of the most exciting places in the world with the coolest person (don't tell her i said that though, she gets all big headed and stuff). Snow and ice-skating in the open like they do on gossip girl, shopping and taxi's and Central Park and maybe the Empire State building, now that would be cool!
So, the last picture may not have been taken in New York but I really love the snow. I want snow. That is all.
Exams result in stress and a large amount of eating and self loathing (well at least that applies to me) and with summer creeping in everyone is beginning their diet and exercise routine so they are not forced to hide behind clothes all summer and can get out on the beach in a costume and not worry about what people might say or think (this is if you care about what people think of you as admittedly I pathetically do). In an attempt to find some inspiring photo that will make me drop the biscuit and jump on the treadmill I found this woman. I think she is only just about the most beautiful woman in the world and i want to look just like her. PLEASE!!!
I miss the beach, it doesn't even have to be a nice day on the beach I simply miss the sound of the waves crashing on the sand, the wind surrounding the beach. I miss the sand between my toes and the smell of the salty air. I miss kommetjie, I just want my granny to get back already so that I can go there and walk on the beach or just sit there for hours thinking about everything and nothing at all. I want to dance like these girls on the beach without a care in the world. I want to witness a sunset up close as well as a sunrise without having slept in between. I want to go to the beach with the girls to do nothing but read magazines and bask in the sunlight.
When one isn't busy writing exams they have the time and freedom to read books, lots of different kinds of books. I want to be able to buy a book that gets me excited, one that makes me want to spend entire days reading and thats ok because I can do that. There is no other pressing matter of my agenda that I have to deal with pronto. I want books and hundreds of them. Books that make me cry, books that make me laugh books that make me scared, books that teach me something or simply a book that turns my day right around.

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  1. the most wonderful blogpost. it's like... ahhh what do I blog now, nnothing beats that. its everything im thinking and wanting <3 "she gets big headed and stuff" watEVZ. im just veryu aware of the truth haha. yay wow it's like ur living in my brain. eating lots --suuuure birtt. ONE brownie a week is SOOO much. LOL go STUDY! i loe you xoxo c u soon* but probli not. haha JOKES. when's ur next offday, i can come stay over again if ud like.. STUDY*