Saturday, August 21, 2010

You give me hope...

1. You dress INSANELY awesomely.
2. You want to be everyones friend because you see the beauty that others don't.
3. I can sit and do nothing with you but still have the most amazing time in the world.
4. You are my moral compass.

5. You are simply the most HILARIOUS person i have ever met.
6. Everytime i spend time with you, no matter how short i always leave thinking, "Man, i am lucky to have her in my life!"
7. You might possibly be the only perfect person in the world.
8. Your laugh is contagious.
9. You are my favourite person to dance with.
10. You have the most beautiful handwriting.
11. You see beauty in everything.
12. You make my day.
13. You have more potential than you realize.
14. Every member of my family loves you.
15. I dont know what i would do without you.
16. You are passionate about life.
17. You are complete within yourself.
18. You love all the same series as i do.
19. Now Plett just won't be the same without you.
20. You think Luke loves you more than he loves me. I love your naivete.
21. You are more beautiful than you know.
And these are just a few reasons...

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